Your family spends much of their time at home, so it’s important to keep it clean and comfortable. One key aspect of healthy living spaces is the quality of indoor air. Air pollution indoors isn’t a common concern, but because the inside of your house is an enclosed environment, air pollutants can accumulate. Often we don’t notice pollutants until they affect our health. It is beneficial to have your air tested and take steps to improve indoor air quality in your home.

Professional Indoor Air Quality Testing

To get started identifying air quality issues and correcting them, enlist the help of a professional. Some home inspectors offer air quality testing. They use special equipment to test the air inside your home for common pollutants like dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens, and mold. Many of these pollutants are difficult to identify without professional testing. Ask your home inspector to help you identify any contaminants in your indoor air.

Houseplants Improve Indoor Air Quality

Houseplants help to clean the air in your home by filtering pollutants and supplying fresh oxygen. Some of the plants recommended for indoors are: English ivy, bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen, spider plant, and pothos. Plants are an inexpensive and easy way to improve indoor air quality.

Purchase and Storage of Household Products

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are found in common household products: paint, carpeting, flooring, cabinets, cleaners, and pesticides. These products off-gas fumes, which are harmful to your health. VOCs are especially a concern when renovating or buying new products.

Another way to improve your indoor air quality is to store products with high VOCs, such as paints and cleaning products, away from your living spaces. This will help to reduce the number of pollutants being released inside your home. You can also purchase low-VOC products, such as paints, furniture, and flooring and opt for natural cleaning supplies. Using healthier products will help improve indoor air quality.

To better understand indoor air quality, do some research and be selective about the products you purchase and bring into your home. If you are unsure what steps to take, consult a professional who can guide you through the process of improving the quality of the air that your family breathes.

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